AmazingBeds Process

AmazingBeds sources the best bedroom furniture on the web. We work closely with the UKs largest furniture and bed retailers to provide the largest catalog of furniture online.

  • Wordpress
  • WooCommerce
  • Brand Identity
  • SEO / Optimisation
  • Automated data feed

AmazingBeds came to us with a simple end goal in mind - to create a modern, simple website that converts. We designed and developed the website with this goal in mind.

We created the website using some of the most tried and tested methods to improve conversion.

As the owners of AmazingBeds were non-technical we created a custom data feed into the website - this ensured that all of the suppliers products stayed up to date so they could focus on the business.

As with any large E-Commerce website optimisation and load times are extremely important. AmazingBeds have over 2,500 products with high resolution images.

Prior to our advanced optimisation techniques AmazingBeds had an average load time of 11 seconds. After implementing our techniques and adding AmazingBeds to our CDN we reduced load times to an average of 2.6 seconds.

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